And you wonder why you are fat?

I use the word "fat" loosely, but you get the point right? It is an epidemic here in North America, I am just using one word to describe it instead of the "politically correct" words I could choose. Here in America we eat too much, gain weight, and then bitch about it. Me included- definitely. So I thought I would point some things out, that came to me last night while watching Diners, Drive ins and Dive.

Yummy food, we watch it get prepared in mass amounts to be served to starving bellies awaiting.
We watch as the cook throws huge chunks of butter into the mix, slather the food in bacon grease, pour massive amounts of meat juice into the gravy.
Wow that is how it is made, awesome...but wait!

We go into these restaurants, order this food...and 'yummy' it is sooooo good. We eat more than we should, we feel as if we are going to explode.

We laugh and feel pretty content....then we cry and hate ourselves...and wonder why we are fat.

Yes an ugly word, but we actually need it, just not so much of it.

Fat (lipids) is carried by the blood to various sites around the body. Once they arrive at their destinations, the lipids can get to work providing energy, insulating against temperature extremes, protecting against shock and maintaining cell membranes. Fat also is involved and needed for some vitamin processes.

So fat goes in, some is used in a very important way but...

The body can easily store unlimited amounts of fat if given excesses and this body fat is used for energy when needed. The liver can also convert excess carbohydrate and protein into fat. Fat contributes to the sensory appeal of foods and stimulate appetite.

So while we are eating more than our body needs for the activity we for the amount of food (energy in) we eat we should be running five miles per day or more (energy out) just to maintain our weight or lose a few.

Daily recommendation for fat intake is 20 to 35% all in moderation.

Enjoy a good meal, relax and even indulge once in awhile. We just seem to over do it and now we are overdone.

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