Baby dolls are now or never!

If you look hot in lingerie, then you should wear it, does not matter what size you are. If at any time in your life, you can pull this look off, then you should take advantage of it. Collect some really nice pieces, take care of them and even worship them. There will come a time, that it won't be pretty.

Corsets-Bustiers, Teddies-Baby Dolls, Fantasy Wear-Costumes, Hosiery-Garters

Make the best of these times in your life, the satin, silk, the cool fabric that presents a sexy silhouette. Hell flaunt it while you got it.

You may be fit and healthy all your life, you may even be firm enough to hold it up, but there is a time in your life when B A M. All those little sexy outfits, look gross. I cannot sugar coat it for you, it will come when you least expect it. One minute putting those hot little numbers on and prancing around the house, reeling in the man; then hanging, sagging, looking like the old chick trying to get away with it.

Now I am not saying that this will happen for everyone at the same time, but it will happen. God bless you if you are eighty, but most likely it will come a little earlier.

Take advantage of the time in your life, when these clothes actually work for you and for the person looking at you in them. I beg you, don't let this time slip away, this may be your opportunity to make it all happen.

Then it will slide under the sheets and turn off the lights...or not.

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