Dancing in your underwear makes you sexy!

This just in! Hold the presses! You have to hear this!

In other words, shut up I have something to say, and you actually might want to hear it. (Maybe not, but there could be a chance)

Dancing in your underwear can make you the sexiest person alive. All you have to do is follow a few steps and a few rules.

Do it alone

Don't look in any mirror

Imagine yourself as the most sexiest person alive

Don't wear old stinky underwear, wear the good stuff

Go about your chores if you chose, dishes, vacuum (not wash the car)

Turn the music up

Dance like no one is watching (hopefully no one is)

Let yourself go

No one else matters, nothing else matters

Wiggle it like no ones business

Shake them proud

Now that you have totally released all the crap in your life, spent a few minutes or so, being the sexiest person alive, dancing in your underwear...go get dressed...

...That is just weird!



  1. I do it a lot and it does make me feel sexy!


  2. I do it as well but not alone ....and I still feel damn sexy. As long as I don't look in the mirror.


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