Don't vomit in my shoes!!!!

If you have pets, you have to deal with the hair, the poop, the drool, the litter box and many other things that are just part of the job of being a pet owner.

But there is a mistery to it all. The strategic planning of pet puke.

A dog will be in the middle of the kitchen standing on linoleum, a flooring that is easy to clean and where things wipe right off. The dog will start there, give a few warning heeves, walk slowly towards the carpet. Any mat, rug, carpet will do, heeving its way toward it and just as they get there, it all comes out. Then just walks away like nothing happened at all.

A cat has a plan, they wait until night, all is quiet, hair ball, juicy lumps placed on any route that there are sure to be people. These people will be half asleep, going the bathroom, getting water, does not matter. On the way to anywhere there will be a wet lump that will hit the bottom of their bare feet, and wake them up and gross them out. I am not sure if this is humorous to the cat or if they just want it to be known that maybe someone should brush them more often. Whatever the reason may be it is evil.

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