Dressing for success

Working at home can put you into a rut. There are some days I don't see anybody just talk on the phone, work online. Doing housework in my pajamas, I could stay in them all day. I get tons done but it is a good thing no one sees me.

I started reading about success and the advice was to dress the part. So I figured dressing to the max, stunning, and beautiful would do. To the nines, dressing for success. Pack away the pajama pants for a while, at least five hours per day. On those days I am working so hard I forget to get dressed, I will make it a point to doll myself up and dress for success.

Note: the above image is not me (as if you thought it was) but I can dream. So as I sit here on those days where work drowns me, I am sitting here in a black dress, high heels and all made up. Waiting for success to knock.

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