I can not stand back fat, that is putting it lightly!

What am I talking about you might ask, well let me explain.

I get up, get dressed, and that is where it all goes to hell. When it is just hanging there, not so bad, I can just ignore it and make sure I don't cross by a mirror. But put a bra on, holy crap. There is no shirt that will cover that. I must have bought all my clothes before the back fat phase I am apparently going through now. The bra divides the fat into sections, or bulges if you prefer. There are rolls and lumps, weird stuff going on behind me. I own some cute tops, but it is like putting plastic wrap over meatloaf.

I have known for some time that I need to lose weight, I have maxed out. You know that range you have for being in the healthy weight range, well I have hit the top. I pick the more forgiving scales to go by, so I should be 120-150, it always depends on your frame type. I will pick large frame just for this occasion and so I don't have to admit I am a bit overweight.

So I have no more scale leeway, this is it people. Lose it or admit you are fat. I am a bit hard on myself, I really don't look big, especially if you surround me with most of the people I see in the mall. Hell I look slim and trim compared to some. But that is another discussion on the epidemic of obesity that is taking over the country.

So here is a big confession, I have a training in nutrition, I know all about the healthy eating and the exercise thing. I will set my goals, break them, forget about them - selectively. There comes a time, a low point, and BACK FAT, to get you moving in the right direction. Everyone has their own readiness for change, I am pretty sure this is mine.

Twenty pounds is the enemy, making me all jiggly and stuff, and not to mention the BACK FAT that makes me look like a deformed sausage in my favorite clothes.

I guess you will be hearing more about this journey of mine, and since I am going away for the weekend and there is no chance in hell I am not going to pig out at some awesome restaurants, we will start on Monday...tune in then

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