I hate shoes! Seriously, Shoes Suck!

Hate Them!

Well it may not be considered normal for a woman to hate shoes, but I have never had any use for them. Well except to protect my feet from cold, and social exile.

Putting on a pair of heels, does make you feel sexy, but I can put them on, stand there, do the whole "oh look at me I am sexy" thang. Then off they go, if you want me to walk with you, go out somewhere, my feet have to comfortable.

To not get bored with shoes, I think they should be cheap and dispensable. Once you have worn them out or just tied of them, huck 'em, toss 'em, dispose of them.

I like bare feet, not overly manicured feet but natural feet, well cared for, expressive feet.

Don't suck on them or massage them just appreciate them.

When spring comes, most of my shoes and socks go into storage. Flip flops, cheap canvas sneakers that can be thrown away at the end of the season (feet get stinky and sweaty in the summer)

I do have to confess, that I now own more shoes than I used to, but I am far from attached to them, and do have some that were a good idea at some time or another, but now stay in the closet so I can say I own some shoes and not come across as a freak.

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