One fruit a day, losing weight with fruit

I realized I wasn't eating any fruit. Now fruit provides energy, fiber, proteins, you know all the good stuff.

So since I have to set goals to improve my diet and lose this fat, fruit is my third goal for this diet. Each day I will eat one fruit, will increase it since the recommended amount is 4 servings per day.

I don't want to bring it on too fast, I would rather succeed at this than fail. I don't think I could handle going from no fruit to four per day. Not to mention my system and visiting the bathroom way too much.

Gradually working it into my diet plan seems sensible to me, and I can be sensible at times.

Goal three, one fruit a day, usually mid morning. Good diet plan and I will be healthier yet.



  1. It definitely works, and it keeps us "empty" of waste.


  2. I try not to eat fried food, but it's do good!


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