One of those days where not even sex can brighten your mood!

Swearing, yelling, tearing the place a part. Nothing helps. Mood is shot, doom like a cloud that hangs over your head. Nothing is going right, everything just sucks, you hate everyone, everyone is on your nerves.
Everything today is turning to crap, you feel like crap, you look like crap, everything you touch turns to crap.
Nothing you say comes out right, bad hair day, no sunshine, traffic, lost keys, forgot papers at home, lunch is bad, coffee creamer soured, computer won't boot up....
Whining is not helping, trying to meditate it all away...not working.

Have you ever been in that mood? That mood that brings about a day to suit it just so. It is just a bad day all around. Nothing seems to be able to brighten it, to lift you up, to make you smile.
I hate those days!

But then...

Someone asks: What is pink and fluffy?

Ans: Pink Fluff
ha ha ha he he he he omg I am gonna pee my pants lol he he ha

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