Sex versus Fries...Get ready to RUMBLE

Well this is what it has come down to. Nothing to do on the weekend but eat french fries and have sex. Maybe even experiment a little in the kitchen, and I won't tell you if that is with food or sex or both for that matter. You poor soul will have to use your imagination for that, but don't get too carried away, don't want you to hurt yourself.

I love Fridays, it is beer day, well it starts more in the evening, but it signifies the end of the week, I get to shut my brain off, get a bit tipsy and just let the adventure find me.

Saturdays are quiet and always means recovery, either from the week of grueling brain usage or from Fridays over indulgences.

So to ease my mind and not feeling guilty about eating fries, I thought I would look into how much sex would I have to have to burn off the fries.

Of course it will all have to circumstantial and such, since it would have to depend on
  • How the fries are cooked and in what
  • The amount of french fries per serving
  • The type of fries
  • If they gave me heartburn or not
  • How long the sex lasted
  • How dirty sex got
  • Foreplay
  • Porn
  • Toys
  • Talking dirty
  • and if ketchup was used
For a rough estimate and bailing out of the intense scientific research, and the fact that most won't give a flying crapola how accurate the findings are...this is what I came up with.
Vigorous sex (use your own definition of that) can/may/might burn 104 Calories per hour for an average weight 145 lbs (does not matter if you are doing two 90lb people or not, it is your weight not other person/peoples.)

A small french fry at McD's 210 Calories. That is about a hand full of fries, so you could estimate any fries you are eating to about 200 Calories per hand full.

With this data we can assume that for every handful of french fries, 2 hours of vigorous, heavy panting, sweaty, ripping up the sheets, screaming multi orgasmic sex session is needed to burn off those calories.


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