Slice those Taters up, Mama wants her fix!!!

Well you know I had to do something about fries, and I am actually talking about French fries, it isn't another word for sex..although..ok never mind.

French fries are not a comfort food for me, I just have to have them if they are on the menu, sorta like your favorite toy, you just have to have it although all the others are screaming to be used...OK back on track here.

Steak fries...totally awesome if cooked right.
Shoe string...pretty much just at the Big McD's.
Homefries...have to be careful, people can really screw these up.
Sweet Potato fries...I know they are better for you, but ew!
Curly fries...are pretty good but just are not as good.
OK now you can back to putting your mind in the gutter or where ever it was before you decided to read this useless piece of information.


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