"They are not free, make him work for his vowels"

eeee,aaaaa,ooooo,iiiiiii, always make him work for them. Never fake it, and give it away for free.

According to some studies, as many as 61% of women fake orgasms at least some of the time. This is usually an attempt to protect their partner's feelings.

Well this could get into a bad habit, and both are getting ripped off. Men think that a woman has to orgasm or she is not satisfied. Really now, sex is with an awesome partner, can rock your world with or without orgasm. Some women only have an orgasm once and sometimes she is not even sure if she has or not.

How to tell if she really had one:

A rash-like flush appears on her chest
Her nipples will protrude
The labia will change color to burgundy or bright pink (but how will you check?)
Her vagina will contract around you
Partners who understand one another, should not have the need to fake orgasms, it is harder work to fake it anyway. Your man should know you well enough that you would not get away with it. The goal of sex is to have fun and enjoy yourselves, rather than keep a scorecard of who reached orgasm when and how many times. Losing sight of this can lead to unhappiness.
Hint: Women who experience female orgasms during sex are women who masturbate to reach orgasm. Masturbation teaches a woman about her body, what kinds of stimulation she likes, etc.
Achieving orgasm is more difficult for most women than it is for men, but it is still hyped as the ultimate objective when it comes to sex. This makes it harder for women to be honest about the fact that it doesn't happen as often or as easily as they might wish.
The problem with faking it is that your partner is unlikely ever to find out how to please you.
  • Talk about it

  • Use toys together

  • try different positions

  • be vocal on what feels really good and what just feels good

  • make sure it is OK for you not to have an orgasm but it is understood sex was still really awesome. And you get to try next time, which is a bonus...try and try and try..yeah!
So ladies don't fake it, both of you can work up to the real thing or at least your version of it. Learning about each other and yourself is part of the ongoing process that keeps things fresh and interesting.

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  1. This is the fourth post I've read today about women faking orgasms. That's without specifically looking for them,I wonder if it's something in the air. lol.
    Any way Lizze it was a great post and I look forward to reading more.

  2. Here's an older post of mine where I talk about sex and women's under-orgasm and some reading suggestions for making it better. Lots of women have a hard time with orgasm. I think it's realistic for women to orgasm a lot more often than they do and I think the low batting average of most women contributes toward resentment, frustration, irritability and poor communication. So read up, give him the book to read (highlighted with the good parts you want him to pay attention to) practice with masturbation alone to figure out what you like, and let him know this is important to you.

    Here's the post. Three helpful books are listed with graphics that men often find very helpful.



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