Will my boobs get smaller as I lose weight?

Throughout my teens, I bought my bras for three dollars, I was a size A. Was really no big deal to me, I really didn't want the attention the girls with the big boobs were getting. It didn't phase me much, I had boyfriends, didn't have to wonder why they liked me, couldn't have been for my chest anyway.

As I grew older, went through phases of life, having children, breast feeding, weight gain and well you know just age; the boobies got bigger. Not to say I have big boobs, but I do have them now. I actually have to wear a bar, they might sag a bit and they have acquired some stretch marks. Husband does not care, I believe he likes them just fine.

Will they go when the fat goes? Honestly losing weight will affect them. When I was younger I was used to being little, but hey..I have had some boobage now for some time, and I like them. They are not too big and not too little, but they are surrounded by fat, I am not in denial of that.

So stay fat with boobs or lose 20 lbs and risk the loss. But on another note, if my gut is gone, my boobs will look bigger even if I lose some. Plus I won't have that extra underarm fat stuff to cram into my bra.

OK, talked myself out of the loss.


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  1. Probably it is a good decisions, but I dislike the "side boobs" when I gain a few.



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