Acne blow up, Popped Zits, Aging Anger

Yes, here it is, anger, rants and raving over pimples. You get to a certain age where acne should not occur. I have paid my dues, done my time, won the battle...hell...grew up. Forties are not where skin blemishes belong. What the hell have I done to deserve this.

No one should have to live like this, beautiful skin is expensive, demanding and irritating. I just want to be beautiful, smooth, wrinkle free, glowing skin forever...I know what you are saying "Get your head out of your ass and face reality". But I am not listening so "Talk to the hand". I can whine if I wish...remember "Paid my dues, gained years....aggggeeeed!

So? What is the answer? Buy the top of the line products for anti wrinkle, anti aging, alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acids and green tea, exfoliate, wash off the peel, coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid and minerals. That also could be one product with all of the above.

The one thing about acne, is that the person who has it, is the only one that really notices...unless you are me...where there are neon signs pointing at my whole head!!

OK done ranting, not getting over stop looking at my face. Scarfs are in this year right?



  1. Lizzy! How did you know a zit sprung up on my chin during our trip to Dallas??? You'd think at FORTY... sigh.

  2. Now ladies - preventing acne is simply a matter of good nutrition, good hygiene, and clean living.. Us guys never seem to have "zit" troubles... Must be guys live cleaner, healthier lives!! (Just kidding)..

    Signed.. Redforeman

  3. Washing my face helps me a lot, and not eating oily food.



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