Are you a big loser?

How many advertisements, billboards, articles have you seen in your lifetime? Most have most likely been in the more recent years. Weight problems, either obesity or just those extra 20lbs have been our fad of this generation. Somehow lifestyles changed and our bodies did not think that was a great idea.
If you have found yourself in a place where a weight loss program is needed, then you have a big decision. The way you, personally, are going to lose weight will be totally different than someone else. There is no keeping up the Jones's here.

Do your research on different programs and ask yourself:
How ready am I to get started?
Do I think I can succeed at this?
Do I recognize the need for losing weight?
Am I concerned about my health due to this excess weight?
Do I want to look better?
Do I want to feel better?

With all honesty in answering these questions, if you put them on a scale of one to ten (ten being high end of readiness) If you give the questions less than sevens, you should wait and do more research and soul searching before making a start.

When looking at certain programs, you should ask some of these questions:
What type of exercise do they require, does it fit me? What type of physical activities do I wish to do and enjoy. (If you hate working out, lifting weights for hours, and the program is set up to work on a regimented schedule, in other words, this how people got results with this program) You should not volunteer to fail if you know you are not going to enjoy it.

What type of meal plan are you looking for?
Does the program provide a level of structure? What amount of structure do you believe meets your needs? ("Just tell me exactly what to eat for all my meals. I want a detailed plan" "I want lots of structure but freedom to select foods" "I don't want to diet. I just want to eat better. I will set food goals each week"

Does the program have information for special diets? If you have high blood pressure or diabetes for example, does the program adjust for special needs?

So as you search for the many diet/exercise programs, read them carefully, you want to succeed at this, failing allows for yo yo diets and frustrations. Don't rush into anything.

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