Can you believe I follow these twits?

Twitter Tuesday is a new thing for us, it is where we gather things people have twitted, we don't say who they are from but we do have some comments to add to them. It is just for fun and hope you have fun too.
"How to save on the treadmill" - save what? hopefully not the fat.

 "I WILL show you the secret to losing these STONES...but more IMPORTANTLY how to KEEP THOSE STONES on the mountain where they belong...hhh" - stones are usually balls right? This could be a old dudes instructions for dating a big breasted younger women.

 "Tiger Woods’ Fourth Mistress Trashy Past" - are you kidding me, who is trashy here? Who cares how trashy or proper the mistress is, you are saying the guy had four mistresses.

 "Sometimes I think women should be allowed to date women for emotional reasons. Men – you're much, much simpler to deal with in relationships" - OK for the first part, what does "allowed" mean, they are "allowed" if they want to. For the second part, I have no clue what it has to do with the first part.

 "Mistress feels cheated by Tiger's playing around" - you have to be on dope, who is cheating on who?

 "How long after you start dating someone should sex occur" - I had no clue that there was any rules to this, and if it is with soon as the door hits their butt on the way out.

"How to Ask for Oral Sex: Tips for Men and Women" - 'Please' is a very handy word

This only reflects on the need to follow better tweeters....



  1. And this is why I follow very few!

  2. Good choice, but on the flip side I bet the tweeters that follow me say the same about me.

  3. A little tweetie bird said........

    "will you follow me?"


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