Does Adult ADD exist? Maybe it is just me

I set out to write something on Adult ADD, which was about an hour ago. I checked my email, sorted CD’s, went to the bathroom, swept the front step, finished sorting CD’s, read half a chapter on how to be successful and then started writing about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I wonder if it affects me any

According to one website people who are affected have serious problems in one or more of the following areas:
• screening out distractions
• starting and completing tasks
• remembering tasks and plans
• organizing information and belongings
• being on time
• keeping priorities in order
• focusing on important tasks rather than low priority but interesting ones
• fulfilling their obligations on time

You should never self diagnose yourself, especially off the internet, but it could be a handy excuse for getting no where in a real big hurry.

There is therapy and some medications that are available to people with ADD, if you can convince a therapist, you actually have it.

I am thinking that I really do not have ADD but there is a possibility that my mind just stutters because there is just too much on my mind, that each little thing fights to get out first.

Some would probally disagree on the fact there is nothing really wrong with me, I do have a habit of starting a sentence half way through it, you see I had already started the sentence in my head, along with many other conversations. So all of a sudden I figure it is time to let others in on what I am thinking. I have also have started but not finished many sentences on totally different topics in a span of a minute. No one has a clue on what I am trying to say. I also will start ten different tasks at once, and by the end of the day all will be done.

So now that you think I am a crazy, this only occurs once in awhile, I just can't settle down in my head and have tons to say and do, along with the impatience factor of wanting everything done now. Oh hell maybe I am crazy, no use convincing you otherwise now, but it is a nice crazy!


  1. Of course adult ADD exists! Watch any politician (or bureaucrat for that matter) on TV. They don't even listen to the flaming question! lol

  2. Life is so full of distractions, and we are always multitasking, so it can happen to anyone. You are not alone in this.


  3. Well I guess that leaves us in a swirling mash of thoughts and ideas. Good to know that it is most of us, not just me

  4. For sure there are many folks out there with the same issues. Yeah, multi task, all over the place, hyper, call it what you will. just manage it well.

  5. Some would say that being a woman means that you suffer by ADD simply by proxy ;)


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