Happee Hulerdays to yu, wanna dance wef me?

It is the beginning of the season to pour another. Workplace Christmas parties, family get together, friends meeting up for a few...then after that New Years.

Mistletoe hanging from funny hats even, there is always the hang overs, the drunken fool that we will talk about in the upcoming year. Oh the joys of being joyful and staying jolly.

Holiday drinks

The Eggnog - you can make your own if you wish, but why have more work. They make it and then let you buy it in a carton..ta da! You can add rum, whiskey or brandy. Throw some nutmeg or cinnamon if you wish. Just be real careful, because it can fill you up before you catch a buzz.

For those of us that are not too fond of Eggnog, here is a delightful alternative.
A White Christmas, use well-chilled eggnog and, if you want you can also add a few ice cubes to cool and water it down just a little.
•4 oz eggnog
•1/2 oz white chocolate liqueur
•1 oz Southern Comfort
•edible gold flakes or chocolate flakes for garnish
1.Build the ingredients in to snifter glass and stir lightly.
2.Sprinkle gold or chocolate flakes on top. (for those fancy people that have nothing else to do)

For those of you that actually have friends and family to invite over, a great punch served at the trough is an idea to keep everyone smiling.

This drink can be made hundreds of ways. The simplest would be:
•Hawaiian Punch
•soda water or club soda
•rum, vodka, or brandy

Then you could move to the Coffee drinks where Kahlua can go into coffee or milk or straight from the bottle into your mouth.

Baileys is an awesome drink on ice or in hot cocoa if you prefer.

A few shots of your favorite spirit before embracing the cheer of the holidays is always a must.

Have a great holiday season and stay safe....be careful who you piss off...

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  1. I appreciate the warning, I wouldn't want to get full before I got drunk. It's fun to eat a lot after I start drinking. Then the fun can really begin.


  2. I love eggnog, the more nog and less egg the better!

    Happiest of holidays to you!!!

  3. A White Christmas sounds great, since me no like EggNogey; i'll be whipping this up.


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