Happy freakin' Holidays!

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~Roy L. Smith

You won't believe this but I have not bought one gift yet. I just cannot get into this Christmas thing this year. It has been one of those years you do not want to repeat. Not only should we be celebrating Christmas and the holidays but also the end of a year from hell.

Well I know I need to figure out what to buy everyone, but it is just too stressful. The hubby and I already bought our gym membership for our gift. "Here honey, a gym membership in the hopes you look better soon"

Well for the rest of the "only really like you during the holidays" people on our list, I just don't have it in me to go shopping. I have no clue what anyone wants or needs (I am guessing nothing).

So since the kids only want ipods, computers and cars, all the things they already have and are totally NOT grateful they own, want the newer improved versions. So they are getting sweaters.

The rest of the people on "the list" have already stated that everyone is broke and are cutting back on spending, so a bag of toasty nuts for them.

Well should be an easy fix to get all the gifts ready for the day. Will most likely wait til the last minute, end up swearing, ranting, and regret waiting; but it will get done and we will have a "Happy freakin' Holiday" no matter what.


  1. I used to have fun Christmas shopping, now it's the last thing I want to do. I have most of my done thanks to Amazon. I don't go to stores between Thanksgiving and New Years. I just can't do it - it is not fun for me to be trampled, or wait in lines, or spend 30 minutes looking for a parking space only to get inside the mall and realize the bitch in front of me got the last sweater I wanted. No thanks. If I can't get it online and shipped to me, already wrapped, then you don't get it. End of story. And hot nuts are always a quality gift.

  2. The thing we all seem to forget is why we are celebrating Christmas! Not to jump on a soapbox here, but what started as a religious observance has turned into a marketing free-for-all.. And I agree - no one appreciates what they are receiving anymore or why they are receiving it!

    That said - the gym membership idea is great.. Not only can you feel better and more healthy, but look better as well and be able to justify stopping on your way home for fries - before the sex starts!

    And Uncorked - you are right - people turn psycho this time of year.. They get near mistletoe and act like cats on catnip! You know you are in trouble when the holiday spirit turns into an all out "Ultimate Fighting" match over the last I-Pod at WalMart.. And what's worse, is that it is usually 2 little old sweet looking grannies who have each other in a death grip!

    So my thought is - order what I do give as gifts off the net.. let them wrap and ship it.. and I will just sit comfortably numb here in Margaritaville enjoying some "holiday cheer"! Happy Holidays all!

  3. Since our son is only 2, we have a great opportunity to really assess how we present holidays. I am taking him this weekend to give toys to a nonprofit that collects them for kids. I think he is fully astute enough to keep the idea of giving and receiving in his mind as he grows up. At least we hope.

  4. Hi there,
    It takes some awesome amount of motivation to get out there and do some Christmas shopping. I reckon there is a good chance I might be one of those panicky dudes desperately shopping on December 24th, just before the gas station closes:-)
    Okay, I'm sorta' kidding. However, to give you an idea of what I think about the 'festive season'; in my house, 'Christmas', is affectionately known as,'Boxing Day Eve'.
    Positive wishes, your way and happy freakin' holiday:-)

  5. I only like giving a gift that means something to the person, so it's not easy for me to make gifts, because so many of them are meaningless.


  6. I figure me just showing up for the holidays is a great gift.


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