Happy Holidays Everyone

"Merry freakin' Ho Ho" "You calling me a Ho?" "No you idiot" "Is the turkey done yet" "Who cares, your the ho" "Shut up stupid face"

As if a Christmas "celebration" can get this bad and this bizarre, well don't hold your breathe it can happen.

We have family obligations just like most, those times where putting in an appearance is important, family is important. Being together, even if you are drinking to suppress the notion of blurting things you should not say at a festive time as this. You are so counter-productive because the alcohol consumption is actually giving you the balls to blurt the true feelings you have about everyone in the room. The alcohol was to take away the thoughts of "Who gives a flying f*ck about your cat" from flying out of your mouth.

The holidays, family time, a joyous time. The time to get all your shopping done for people that you only see...well...this time of year. If I really cared about you, I would have called or talked to you all the other months of the year.

So as you sit with family and friends, remember that is there no place that you would rather be, but right there, home for the holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best!


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