I like to look at other men's tools...

Usually when it comes to tools, motorized objects or sports..I hear whah, whah, whah! But then when you start to think about it, two men talking about their tools and toys can be quite exciting and hilarious.

When a man compliments another man's tool, women should not be judgemental, there is nothing wrong with a man admiring another man's tool.

They take great pride in their tools, often times cleaning and lubricating them. Although their tools are not always organized or even work all the time.

Never mind the "Keeping up the Jones's" many men have tool envy and want the other guys tool, he would never tell you this, but you know...you just know.

It is not that he wants the other guys tool but to borrow it, use it and then give it back. It is a sharing system between men, sharing tools and toys, then decide to get their own so they can share with the next guy that is admiring his tool.

It is not that men don't appreciate their own tools or get good use out of their tools, but there is always some guy with the better tool, the bigger tool that gives better performance. The other guys tool might have better attributes, dimensions, be stronger and get the job done with better ease. It is a vicious cycle of he has, I want.

Where do women stand in all this? They stand back, pat their man on the head and say "Don't worry honey, I still love you and the tool you have. It doesn't matter if that guy has a bigger tool, size does not matter, it is all how you use your tool and that you enjoy it"

Special note on tools
A carpenters tools - will always get you nailed.
A plumber tools - will always clear your drain.
A dentists tool - will always be in your mouth
A fireman's tool - always a long hose

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  1. A carpenters tools - will always get you nailed.

    Haha! I will have to tell my husband (a carpenter) this one. Because it's true.

    And yes, I do admire his ability to handle his tools.

  2. I like to look at men's tools too.

  3. It is all in how a man uses his tool that is important. Sucks if a man has a useless tool, or one that he needs instructions on how to use.

  4. I've found that with a big tool...precision in the use of that tool isn't scrutinized as much...as long as you do know how to use it well. You don't have to be the craft expert that little tool owners must become...

    Hilarious post!

  5. my husband wanted some new carpentry tools..i said, yes we'll buy....nice post!

  6. Such wanton use of hardware for innuendo and thinly veiled sexual connotations... Maybe I should carry my tools around in my truck with me!!!

  7. nice fun site. What a tool!!!!!!!!!!It will be most hardest tool

  8. I'll bet a truckers tool moves you faster. lol Great post, I loved it.

  9. These tools should be polished regularly in a vigorous manner!

  10. A man can very well admire and flaunt his tool, as well as compliment other men's tools, but he shouldn't become a tool himself.

    Your blog makes me laugh like crazy! :D


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