Sorry, you can't see my boobs anymore.

I am really sorry, but I just can't see you anymore. You have to go. Go peacefully and I am sure to find another that can hold me up.
I need better support these days and your holes are too big. You don't wrap around me tight enough. I need something better that will caress me softly, hold me gently. I need to be shown off and proudly so. I need to be pushed up to my full potential.
You are just plain ugly, you were not always dreadfully useless, I thought you had potential to last longer. To let me swing when I needed and to protect me when needed. I needed you to cover me.
Well it is now time to part ways, to go to better things, maybe in a nice black lace or something.
I paid a fortune for you and you let me down, I need to get my bounce back and it will not be with you.

So long and farewell, I think I will have to get a secret or let someone cross my heart, whatever path I chose, I thank you for being there but now you just suck.

NOTE: no bra was ever hurt during this post, just thrown out...ratty ol' thing.

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