Tacky Holiday Decorations should be shot

What happened to cranberry and popcorn garlin? Angels and Nativity scenes. Snowmen and sleighs. How did tacky get involved in our holiday season. Why do Christmas ornaments and lawn decorations come from the 'Dollar store' or 'Walmart'? Since when does a yard full of air filled, humongous balloon creatures become festive.

Since when is an 'Ipod' or computer become a personal sediment? When did it become the Holiday season in October? When has more been better, just so you can take months to pay it all back?

Where is Santa? Where is family cheer? Where is tradition?

A yard full of huge, inflatable ornaments have only one purpose....target practice with a sling shot! Put a wreath up, lights and stop the tacky decorations.

Bring back the beauty of the holidays!


  1. That is very sentimental.

    Ever try roasting chestnuts over an open fire?
    It's not so easy.

    Any too many cookies makes "dreamimg of a WIDE Christmas " a reality.

  2. I could think of a few other purposes for those inflatable ornaments but that's another story.
    All the very best and have a happy 'Boxing Day Eve' :-)

  3. Where have you been all my bloggin' life. Found you through "I Shoulda Been a Stripper".

    Couldn't agree with you more!
    Jeanette @ Bombshell BLISS


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