This is not a dead chicken between my legs

It is bumpy, red and looks nothing like any porn star or Playboy model I have ever seen.
I just can't stand it anymore, do I just let it grow out? The horror that would be, after shaving for so many years now, it would grow down to my knees into a forest, the hell with a bush.

What do you do now? Shaving sucks, creams suck and burn, waxing..omg freakin' pain.
Even your pubic hair has a "in" state. It is "in" to wear high boots. It is "in" to wear big bug sunglasses and it is "in" to be bald as you could possible be.

I would never want to be "not in", there might be a inspection at some time. So honestly now, what the heck is a gal to do. Besides eyebrows, eyelashes and the hair on my head, are women suppose to have no other hair. Just dip me in a vat of hair remover and clean me off.

Razor bumps, rashes, pain, up better be getting some for all that trouble.


  1. I keep almost no pubic hair, and I try to keep my ass crack hairless. I know I look a lot better that way.

  2. As I guy and if you'll forgive the familiarity, bald "down there" is very definitely even more beautiful than au naturelle.

    One tip (though this has necessarily been acquired "from others") A professional is almost always better than an amateur and so it is with waxing. Again, according to those who should know, waxing ecourages the hair to grow back less and finer and it doesn't hurt as much after the umpteenth time you have it done.

    If a lady wanted me to have go hairless in that department, I most certainly would (but, fortunately, no one that close to me has ever requested it)

    Great post! Very funny ;)

  3. Guys have it so lucky then :p But I'm curious to know if its normal for married or long term partners to shave the other. Its just that going down there can be so difficult and requires more than just a mirror. Hope thats not too graphical. Its a great post u posted btw


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