We all have a whole lot of nothing to say about nothing "STOP TALKING"

Company Figures
More than 350 million active users
More than 35 million users update their status each day
More than 55 million status updates posted each day
Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans
Average User Figures

 Average user has 130 friends on the site
Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook

This is just amazing, I have a facebook, I actually created the account in the first place to keep an eye on my kids. Then they realized they can control who sees what..."teens know everything didn't you know?"
You get on there and scroll through the endless status updates of people doing nothing and then letting you know they are doing nothing. I could of guessed that they were getting ready for work, eating supper and really not very happy about anything without reading about it. I am just that preceptive without the aid of facebook; but yet I go there, put in my status of nothing and sometimes just make it up so I sound like I even care about what I am doing and that is why I am letting others know about it.
My kids are sending me invites to a farm online where they take care of animals and crops, they can't clean the litter box for the "real cat" that they so wanted to have or they absolutely would have died with out it. So now the cat sits there and watches them tend to the online farm and all the animals, wanting to scratch their eyes out because it has a stinky litter box it can't even stand.
You can also do quizzes on facebook to find out almost anything you ever wanted to know about yourself, then share the results with all your friends. I really don't want to know that my friend from the second grade, was a bird in their past life, nor that my friend is the the best lover and likes pillows.

A big deal is being made about a study by US market research firm Pear Analytics, which claims that 40 per cent of the messages sent via Twitter are “pointless babble”.
I don't know about you, but I have a hard time trying to come up with something interesting to say at least once a day...I am pretty sure I couldn't come up with anything worth tweeting about more than that. I have tried very hard to figure this twitter thing out, I have "really" tried..I log in, forget what I was going to tweet, log out and then maybe in an hour try again. We have over 1900 followers, have no clue why they follow us, we have nothing interesting to say. Twitter humors the instictiveness of competition in people, who has the most followers, who can tweet the best crap...I mean tweet. We all want to be on top of the twitter tower, I think it would be more productive to play king of the castle.

Our status: "having sex and eating fries"


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  1. I think what's worse than seeing status updates about the dog that shit on the floor, or that Susie got her period are the people who talk politics on FB. I love politics, but FB? Is that really the appropriate place for in depth conversations? And I effing hate Farmville but have wasted many an hour on FB quizzes (which inevitably have spelling and grammar errors so were obviously made by teenagers who are oh-so-qualified to tell me my IQ or what 80s movie I am). I love FB though.

  2. I think all social media can be fun & a great way to meet people and stay connected with old friends and family. But it can definitely take over your life if you aren't careful!

  3. I don't understand Twitter much, but I use it the best I can. It can be fun, but it's confusing. Your blog excites me! That's why I come here a lot.

    Secretia :)

  4. Well we totally love excited people!
    We use Twitter, the best we can, but really we have more to say than can be put in a few lines. If anyone starts with the lingo and jargen I am pretty much screwed.
    As for facebook, it is a cool thing, but I am not getting all the little games and stuff..like mafia wars..seriously...

  5. "More than 350 million active users"

    I wouldn't call them active ;)

  6. that farm game is a subversive ploy to distract parents. I'm liking twitter the longer I do it. For the first few months I felt as if I was the chick from the old lady's home who talked to herself. Funny post! (over from happymaking/Heather's place)

  7. Is there some irony in you posting about twitter and me having found you on twitter? hmmm :)

  8. Life is full of irony...and that is just funny

  9. I'm on Twitter, but I don't tweet regularly enough. It's just not part of my routine, I guess, though it would probably help promote the ol' blog. I'm about a once a week guy (that's for Twitter, not sex and DEFINITELY not fries).

  10. Now seriously people.. How else are we supposed to know what our friends are doing at any point in time during the day? With Facebook, you can know when someone just returned to their computer from the potty, or what they are having for dinner, or where they are having dinner, or planning for the weekend.. You don't really expect people to.. dare I say it.. TALK TO EACH OTHER??

    And as for Twitter, how else am I supposed to be friends with Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore? And even more important, know what they are thinking or let them know that "I.... am.... sitting.... on... the.... patio.....".. I mean, where would me and Ash find time to set up dinner plans - because we are each other's "peeps"..

  11. Now I know I'm not alone in this world who has nothing much interesting things to tweet every day.


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