Holiday Workout -taking shape (unknown)

Well let's see now, been working out at the gym for twelve straight days now, trying to make it a good habit. We (husband and I) get in, warm up, rip our muscles a part, and go home. Once at home we move real slow, groan to lift our coffee cups, squeal to lift the cake from the plate to mouth. We shuffle to the fridge for a beer. We aide each other in dishing out the ice cream. We moan to pass the ketchup for our fries.

We have not lost any weight, no idea why. We have not lost our optimistic views. We have cut back on visiting the 'King' for a burger to twice a week. We have switched to light beer and only have three per day. We are trying to make it work.

Honestly, the diet is going really well, and we are starting to take on a new shape, from round to blob like. The muscles are starting to react nicely with the exercise and lifting weights. We might actually be bomb shells by the summer. The draw back to starting a program is that we are to sore to have sex.

We do have a cheat plan in place, to eat mega amounts of food and drink during the holidays...that's the plan...nothing else to it.


  1. I am trying your diet, I think it will work for me :)


  2. Now that is a plan...doesnt the sex burn more calories though..?6 of 1, half dozen of another..Id take the sex...and food..!!


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