Are you a penis expert? huh?

In my junk email...

"Are you a penis expert?" 

I get this newsletter from a women's health magazine (more like many annoying emails)

I open it...I mean c'mon gotta!

There a bunch of links that don't make sense but there are words in the mess...

You may not flaunt your penis know—how, but you probably know a thing or two about the opposite sex—and his defining organ
Still have my attention
But do you know the average length of an erect penis? And can you locate the male's alleged G-spot?
Take our quiz to find out if you're a mere apprentice of the wang, or a true master of his domain.
Oh crap, I have to...

Test your down-under knowledge now!

Question 1. Right. The average penis when erect is 4-6 inches. But then they have to tell me
The biggest erection on record belongs to Jonah Falcon. His erect penis measures 13.5 inches long.
Question 2. Wrong. Only 30% of men are circumcised...OK I guessed wrong...really how would I know this?

Question 3. Wrong. I said a tablespoon, it is only a teaspoon.....of sperm...yeesh, never measured it. "Hey hang on babe, I will go get a measuring cup, let's see how much of a mess you really made."

Question 4. Right. There are 5-7 calories in a typical ejaculate...omg I guessed, as if I knew or cared.

Question 5. Right. A man's G spot is the prostate...that I did know, not telling how.

Question 6. Right. Takes a man an average 3 min from penetration to ejaculate....This is true for a whopping 85% of males.

Quesiton 7. Wrong. What part of the penis causes the most pleasure for your man? It is the Scrotal skin. (How do they know my man?)

Question 8. Wrong. What are the two types of penises? Growers and Showers
A grower expands and lengthens when becoming erect. A shower appears big but doesn't get much bigger after achieving erection.
Question 8. Right. A penis can be broken...poor baby

So my results are 5 out of 9 and this is what they say to me!!!!!......

"You can just about get it up - keep practicing!"



  1. I loved this! I guess I need to check out my spam box more often for fun trivia like this! I had to google Jonah Falcon. Holy shit batman! Some of the images that came up (no pun intended!) for him took my breath away! lol

  2. Who cares? The foreplay is the best bit anyway - lol

  3. Ok found ya over at the Ducks place and had to come see.. My son was thrilled when he foudn out he was bigger then average lol he is 17 and it's all about the size ahhh youth.. as a former adult toy salesperson most of this I knew already.The things we learn when peddling naughtiness huh... new follower

  4. I know enough about a penis to make it like me!



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