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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can't live with them...the end!


  1. AA Batteries are for the Remote that doesn't work...sorry to be so boring ha!

  2. Wow, those post its go perfectly with my post today.

    Great minds...

  3. lmao @ "hello remember me? i am the one in charge"

    right. on.

  4. LMAO! I love them!!

    And I'm so happy you stopped by my place. Cause that means I came to your place, and fell in LOVE! I can't wait to read more, and look back through your old posts!

    **New Follower!!**

  5. New follower here as well!And thank you for following me around too.lol

    I love both sex & fries AND the blog! Proud member of the S&F bloggers club as well!
    Exciting day all around.: )

    Can I borrow the 3rd note for a second? I have to stick it, err, sorry...show it to my daughter.ha!

  6. hehehee...funny stuff...hey, thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. lmbo have you been watchign my zoo I have?? seriously have ya??


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