Decided on bragging rights for the day

I have a million (makes me sound productive) things that I could write about, but today, sitting in my sweaty gym clothes (I will shower shortly on request) I have decided to post about me, and this crazy little blog. Hey, it is not often I get the opportunity to brag about stuff.

Yeah that just sucks, who wants to hear me tell you how good we are, you already know it. So maybe we will go in another direction.

This is what we are about


We are in the health industry, specialize in nutrition, fitness and natural health. Believe it or not. We actually know stuff.

Is an awesome little place that we have a ton of fun on. We have a new contest, because we do alot of surfing and visiting of sites, much like the blog whores we tried not to become. So now instead of just visiting the blogs/sites, we ask for people to recommend the good ones and then we pick one that day to write about. Great exposure for that blog and we get to say what is on our minds, like we needed a contest to do it.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Don't forget to nominate a site for tomorrow >>>>it is to the right.....


  1. You girls are too cute. I recommend you!

  2. I admire the way you spend your days!

  3. So which one of you is in the photo? Or is it both of you?
    I'm not even gonna ask how fries links with health industry. Maybe it doesn't

  4. I feel so at home here??? :))

  5. I just arrived here, and I'm staying, I don't care WHAT you say about that! TRY and keep me away! Go on. Try harder....see, I'm still here. Gonna sign up now. Love your easy-goin' carefree style.


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