Didn't expect the horse poop

Had to run into the evil Wal-mart, drove into the parking lot and opened the door.
Big pile of horse crap! Not even paying attention to where I was, I had parked right beside the horse parking area. This is a destinated area for buggies that the Amish use.

Yes, not used to this. So I just get out, step over the massive pile and pretend that I meant to park beside a large mound of crap and it does not bother me. I can still look cool as I play horse puck hop scotch.

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  1. In future, why not take a bag, scoop it up and spread it on the plants. In the UK, back in the days when we had 'rag & bone' men, they used to come round with a horse-drawn trailer and if the horses dumped anything on the road, we were always sent out with a shovel and bucket - great for the roses! Mind, that was about 40 years ago, things have changed a little since then, they no longer collect the scrap - you have to take it to them now.


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