Do your shorts have the word "Juicy" across the butt?

Last weeks poll asked our visitors, "What word would you wear on a shirt that would best describe you?"

Here are the results...

Juicy 2%
Sexy 23%
Powerful 9%
Bad 0%
Evil 4%
Spicy 19%
Horny 16%
Curious 16%
Innocent 7%

So really our visitors are spicy, sexy horny people, we really like that!
If you are into having the word "Juicy" on your wardrobe, "Juicy Couture" has the whole line that will allow you dress in as much juicy wear as you please. Just be prepared, a track suit is $110 US a T shirt is $68.
Good luck to you, I'll just fabric paint the words on my $10 Walmart track pants.
This week's poll has to do with food; he question allows you to pick one food. The food that you would have to eat for a week. That would be the only food you would be allowed to eat, nothing else.


  1. Awesome, I do believe I chose spicy :)

  2. The only way I would wear JUICY across my fat ass is if they pay me.

  3. Chicken. I would eat chicken all week long, besides, no matter how you cook it, it tastes like chicken!


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