Everybody and his or her dog have a blog.

This is not about any of the blogs that my visitors have. My visitors have the most awesome blogs on the net, I know this because they visit here, so they have to be awesome. Even if they were not awesome we would not tell them because they need to believe we love them so they keep coming back.

We travel around the net quite often, looking for stuff, just stuff, really no real stuff in particular. But while we are looking for stuff, we find crap...crap stuff.

Mostly what we find is joyful, funny and what we actually adore and become borderline stalkers of. Yet again in the mix of wonderful there is always the stuff that you don't want on the bottom of your shoe...or on your computer.

To entertain ourselves and maybe our awesome visitors we have a list of crap.
Disclaimer: we do not mean to offend anyone, this is just our views. You might actually like this crap. Most blogs are great in all niches across the web. This post only pertains to the crap amongst the yummy stuff. It has to do with the poop in the pool.
The crap list (no particular order that may be a lie)

  1. Cat blogs - most are great, others annoying as hell. Endless pictures of cats, not even nice looking cats or funny cats, just mangy fur balls.
  2. Social commentary - being mean and dumb at the same time really does not work. Just because you have something to say, does not mean you should.
  3. Any blog with music - it scares the crap out of me. I am sitting here peacefully trying to sift through crap and wham....music from hell spews from my computer.
  4. Knitting - I have seen some awesome sweaters, real instructions put together with love and I have seen crap, find something else to do people, knitting is not for you.
  5. People who raise children and people who should not raise children. Out of the kazillion mommy blogs out there, most are pretty terrific..then there is crap. I honestly think you should not talk about your kids, actually maybe don't talk at all.
  6. People who translate their blog into english from some other language. Who are you fooling, this is my first language, I know that what ever you are saying...it not right!
  7. People who make up words then rattle them off in one big random stupidaciously large sentence, over and over again.
  8. Celebrity blogs - sorry they are all crap, if I actually care what Brad and what's her name are doing I will go to Yahoo
  9. Little Korean dudes giving advice on how to keep a woman happy. Hello, it is the same post over and over again just a different title, and no I will not worship you.
  10. Blogs about nothing, they do say they are about nothing right from the beginning. When I visit, I actually want something, so it better be there. If I find nothing then it is just crap.

Then there is us...and we are always full of crap!

This is where we find some sites that we can't stand...you have to visit them and then review them. It is great for traffic but also the demands might be too high...on the crap

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  1. I think I fit the bill there in all of them except the Korean guys giving sex advice.

    Do you happen to have any of those URLs?

  2. Blogs with pictures of food, move me to the kitchen, or the bathroom.


  3. Hey ..where are those Korean Guys..?..LOL..and the cats..OMG..so true...Im a new follower..if you'll have me..!!

  4. We're all crap really just at different levels..even me believe it or not.. lol

    Nice place you have here

  5. Haven't seen the Korean guys. All I ever get when I click the "Next Blog" button trying to find new blogs are more and more and more baby blogs. Pictures of half-naked or naked, terrified, or smiling kids being put on the web for all to see by their mothers. Talk about haunting childhood memories. Lol.

    Food blogs always make me either hungry or feel to go and cook. And cat blogs are in the same niche with dog blogs. Wouldn't say what niche though.

  6. Wow I'd really love to read some of the Korean guys blogs to see just how dreadful/hilarious they actually are. I know what you mean about cat blogs too. Still, each to their own. It probably floats someone's boat!

    Kate x

  7. i agree that a blog about a cat is just about the dumbest idea. ever. although it is kinda fun to sneak into one and bark real loud!

  8. HAHA What a great list. I don't read any blogs that aren't entertaining in the least, make me laugh, or touch me in some way.

    This is great...following along.



  9. Thank God there is variety. Some people think my stuff is crap. I think theirs is crap.

  10. I think mine is crap too. I don't even have a niche...which translates into "I'm good at nothing!" Pfftt...

  11. I think you should highlight a crap blog once a week.


    Not mine.


  12. If I ever see another cat blog...well, just shoot me!

  13. Great list you have submitted here.
    What I cannot stand is somebody who goes on and on about the great time they had with their kids at McDonalds. Like I really care.
    Anyway, I have interviewed our dog on my blog. So, I reckon I need to get out more.
    And speaking of cats....no, please don't :-)

  14. When I pose as a Korean man offering advice, I like to incorporate knitting into my social commentary. So sue me.
    Otherwise, a spot on list.

  15. Well, so much for that cat post I had planned today. I guess I'll put that off until...

    ...well, never. ;)

  16. I want to see the Korean guys giving advice on sex! Where the hell are they and how do I find one?

    Cat blogs are better than baby blogs. I'm just sayin'....

    You left out religious blogs, girls. Now how could you have missed that?

    Yours in Jesus,


  17. I am a dog person, I don't get cat people, they completely baffle me. I have a dog but the likelihood of it showing up as fodder for my posts.. near zero.

    Well not this week for sure, I promise.


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