How to get into her pants?

Agree or disagree but rubbing ones crotch on ones leg is not the most effective way to get the pussy purring. Unless you are both wearing corduroy then there might be some friction you might not recover from.

Personally I am not one for the whole swooning romantic gestures, I don’t do pillow talk and I definitely don’t cuddle afterwards. I am a bit of a “get down to it and make me happy” kind of gal.

Flaw? Maybe. No complaints so far!

Every woman, individually, has a way about her and a way to her sensual side. Knowing a woman is not that hard, men like to think it is complicated because then they don’t have to admit they didn’t know what they were doing.

What is hot? Asking a woman what she wants, where she wants it and when she wants it. Communication between partners gets rid of a lot of wasted time with the “hit and miss” method.

My opinion…yes I know you really wanted it….

The male ego is the problem in the bedroom (or where ever you want to do the nasty) Men pretend they are going in with the knowledge of  knowing exactly what they are doing. Women don’t want to tell them otherwise.

Wasting time on “OK” sex is just a wrong. If you don’t know what I am talking about; try actually talking about how you want it (both men and women) and you will realize there is better sex out there and it’s with your partner. Who knew you had the best right there in your own bed.


  1. Oh I agree however I have told my hubby a gazillion times I want him to take the lead, I LOVE to hear him talk to me during the moments and get NADA.. then he wonders why I am not enjoying it like I used to.. sighsss

  2. Sometimes people forget that you can have great sex right at home.
    I like getting down to biz whenever I feel the urge. Thank god he's always available haha.

  3. Other than looks, everything we could want is right there!

  4. I'm with you on this one. You gotta make it happen in your home in your bed with your man. Get a little freaky.

  5. They say "What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick."

    I would add...and what also matters is what you ask that wand to do for you.

  6. communication is very important, otherwise sex is just ok, but some men can't stand the conversation about it, they like to think they know what they are doing... sad but true.

  7. I guess there is a differece in asking her what do you want and begging for some in the first place. I even read somewhere that a woman like to 'get off' too. Who woulda thunk it?

  8. Well said and common said. Let the talking begin... oh and the listening.

  9. Time for us girls to just "spit it out" and tell him what we want and don't want. Men like it when women get a little bossy in bed! And show the appreciation for doing it "your way". Hah!

  10. Great stuff ladies. I can speak for myself but I appreciate a woman who knows what she wants and communicates it.

  11. i liked those words what LAURA said "What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick."

    yes gals should treat like Bossy while on bed ;-)
    What about Sex Toys ?


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