I think it is post it day or something


  1. My cat has been trying to see me naked for years.

    Ha Ha, I even laugh at that!


  2. I need one for the dog too! I think he's jealous!

  3. I know you said "STOP following you" but I think I have to!

  4. Sorry, I got diverted to Violet Vamp's blog. I mean, it just took me there. I couldn't help it.

    Anyway the damn dog laughs when he sees me naked. I mean, rolling on the floor laughing. I'm gonna have him fixed. That'll show him.
    He who laughs last...

    Oh, what I meant to say before VV got hold on me. No way I'm not gonna follow you. You can take that post it and put it...

  5. That's so funny. :-) And about the previous post: I go to fetish parties, I love it, I love the dressing up and the atmosphere. I get aroused by dominant males (but I'm not into S/M) but I don't think that's a fetish as it is so common. Most actual fetishes sound really weird to me. Like why would someone wanna dress up like a baby - wear diapers?? That fetish for getting killed was too funny. :-D


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