Oh Baby let me see your paper clips, oh that turns me on

Well here it is..the definition of a fetish...'to be turned on sexually by an object'. In other words from a dictionary is.. an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

Here are some bizarre...I mean a list of things that are just fine for people to be turned on by (you never know who is reading this..don't want to offend) see I can be nice

Acrotomophilia sexually aroused by the sight of an amputation usually of a whole arm or leg. Tell me it isn't so
Andromimetophilia A woman who is sexually aroused by impersonating a man. They purposefully look like and act like a man. Sitting on the sofa with her hand down her pants?

Asphyxiophilia This is sexual arousal caused by loss of control over your ability to breathe. Self strangulation or allowing another person to asphyxiate you. Gives a whole new meaning to "Don't hold your breath"

Autagonistophilia Unlike exhibitionism where the person intentionally exposes their genitals to an unsuspecting stranger, in this paraphilia the person creates situations in which other people could see them in the nude if the person wanted to. For example, it would be like leaving your curtains open and walking around the house naked in hopes that someone would peep in the windows. It is the thought that someone may be watching that is sexually arousing. Oh crap, I thought I was just too lazy to get dressed and whatever happened just happened.

Autassassinophilia The person is sexually aroused by putting themselves in situations in which they may be killed. They really have to feel they are in danger in order to be sexually aroused. Unfortunately, many of them get killed in the process. This might be something you might want to get therapy for...just saying!

Chrematistophilia This person can only become sexually aroused if they are being blackmailed into it. Big name for such a simple thing, wander what it would take for me to be blackmailed into getting horny...nope..can't think of anything.

Coprophilia Smearing human feces on yourself or having someone smear it on you causing sexual arousal. Seriously now, we are just making this crap up now...right?

Formicophilia Sexual arousal is caused by having insects crawl on their genitals. Well they would enjoy black fly season up here...ouch

Mixophilia The person likes to watch their partner or themselves engage in sexual activity. Usually this means watching themselves in a mirror. Raise your hand if this is you...wipe it off first.

Mysophilia The person is sexually aroused by dirt, mud, or filth. I thought he was really happy while standing in the mud pouch..hmmm

Narratophilia Telling dirty stories is sexually arousing. I know what you are thinking and I am not that turned on (we are not that dirty)

Pictohilia Watching X-rated films is sexually arousing. Yet again...raise your hand...

Somnophilia The person can only maintain sexual arousal while having sex with someone who is sleeping. If the person wakes up they loose interest. Then they go to work and blame their wife for not moving during sex...don't even...you know it.

Zoophilia The person wants to be treated like an animal wearing a collar and even eating out of an animals dish. This is different from bestiality in which the person wants to have sex with an animal. Better check to see how happy the dog is when going out for a walk next time.

There are some real weird people out there...but I do confess my fetish is...and just because I am going by the definition...husband says."let's have sex and go out for fries" I am there baby......

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  1. I raised my hand once. Other wise, TMI.
    I hope I can get rid of all those mental images that you provoked.

  2. I confess once I was snoring while the boyfriend was penetrating me, but I knew it and kept sleeping. He was smonopliliatic I guess, he said he loved it! :)


  3. There's an opposite to Somnophilia, it's Sexsomnia. I found the article in Psychology Today and boy did it clear up my last major relationship! This is when the person engages in sex while asleep. They have no knowlege of what they are doing and in the morning if confronted look at you like you're nuts. Just wanted to share...

  4. Asphyxiophilia... hmmm... thats scary... a few people die annually from not knowing when to stop... and "formicophilia" sounds like arousal caused by a formica counter top... those can be fun you know... :oD


  5. Mixophiliaphobia - I have a fear of those watching themselves in the mirror while having sex. I have no mirrors in my bedroom.

  6. Isn't Andromimetophilia the female version of a male cross dresser or transvestite?

  7. There's always a name for everything, isn't there?

    I've always had a thing for sheer black stockings and stilettos, but I guess that's as common as you can get and, anyway, it depends on the woman wearing them, so I guess it's hardly a fetish.

    Happy New Year to you.


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