People visit, no clue why they come to this blog of all places!

Yeah right!

We know why!

They love us..

Yeah right!

They saw the title and thought we had some sex to offer them...

Always looking for they didn't even notice the 'fries' (special note: fries have calories, sex burns calories)

Here is some sex

What? You thought you were gonna get some neked?

Anyway thanks for coming (and most likely not from that pic) We have a new group for bloggers. We would like to invite you if you own a blog..about anything. See, there are so many awesome blogs, but it would be easier to gather in one place and then go visit them. I know... there are other places to go, but this is our place, and remember you like us....don't you?

Fine! here is more sex...

Girls need some too...

So, now will you join us?...please!


  1. can i get a burger with that? hehe

  2. I'll admit it, I came for the sex.
    But I stayed for the fries.

  3. I'm still gonna feel special that you gave me a personal invitation, even though, now, anybody can try to get in. can we post nudity on that site? how about partial? feet only?

  4. You are still special...and there are no rules. Go for it. We still have approve people when they join,just not going to let any weirdo..I mean blogger in.

  5. Hell I came for the fries. Where are my damn fries? I want ketchup too. And if you happen to have some sex laying around toss a little of that in too. :) See I am easy to please. I will see if I can figure out how to grab your button/ :)

  6. I love your blog and would love to be a member of your sex n fries group too - how do I join? I lurv your sexy pictures - Meow! HA! :o)

  7. I came for the sex. And the fries. Fries are the new sex. With mayonnaise. I stand by this heartily. Fries and mayonnaise are the new sex.

    Sex with mayonnaise

  8. Fries made me fat, sex made me sizzle! Fat can sizzle...



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