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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pervert Pathology

Here it is some good ole' Sex'n'Fries learnin'

Peeping Pervert - voyeur. Behind curtains, trees, lamp posts...they are everywhere.

Closet Pervert- They will never admit they are perverts, they hide their pervert ways

Pervert in Denial- It is so obvious they are a pervert but would never admit to it.

Proud Pervert - almost an exhibitionist about being a pervert

Wanna-be Pervert - they admire the pervert ways but don't have the guts to join in

Aspiring Pervert - practices and perfecting their craft

Parading Pervert - show off pervert that allows the world to know it

Confused Pervert - perverted, not perverted, perverted, not perverted..not sure what they are doing or why.

Converted Pervert - was always in denial but now have come to terms with who they truly are

Backyard Pervert - never let anyone see how perverted they really are. "but get a tall fence."

Basement Pervert - online in the basement with the door locked.."guess what they are doing"

Pruned Pervert - you hit a certain age it is bound to happen, but keeping the perversion strong

Retro Pervert - there could be chaps involved and definitely bell bottoms

Metro Pervert - a stylish up to date yuppie version..pervert extraordinaire

Horny Pervert - aren't they all? just asking that's all

Twisted Pervert - be careful when playing twister you never know....actually they are the ones with the sickest thoughts.


  1. great list...ive got to remember this..hey I already know a few of these...thats sad..!!

  2. Ever play drunken naked Twister? It's addicting!

  3. You always give me a laugh. Thank you for that. I enjoyed the pruned pervert - I think a lot of perverts get worse as they get older. Sometimes when I'm having a low self-esteem day I make my dogs walk behind me. They're pugs and breathe loudly - kind of feels like I have a dirty old man following me around. It helps.

  4. Ahahahaha - love the poster! Tell me, where does the stalker fit in?

  5. So you are the ones that have the P pages from my diary?

    Give 'em back to me. I have more entries to make.

  6. Were those New Years Resolutions?


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