She Bop..Do you bop?

The song by Cyndi Lauper is about masturbation, she hoped kids would think it was about dancing until they got older. Oh the tricky days of the '80's, we were not suppose to get all the things the adults made a fuss about. Our music our clothes our friends, all critized by our parents. We were out there, radical, wearing our underwear on the outside, not getting the fact it was called "under" wear, not "over" wear.  Good thing we don't judge or critisize the youth of today. (sorry couldn't keep a straight face)

Different words for female masturbation: beat the beaver, polishing the pearl, carpet bumping, cat got tongue, checking for squirrels, cleaning your fingers, pussy soccer, jillin' off, spearing the bearded clam, rub the clit, fingering, jilling off, vibrate the vag, slip 'n' slide, soap it up,  pet the kitty, stroke the cat, powder your nose, tickle your fancy, self-service, finger-bang,

Different words for male masturbation:

 butter your corn, crank the shank, cuff the carrot, five knuckle Olympics, grease the pipe, jerk off, one man tug-o-war, play the organ, polish the rocket, pound off, beat the meat, stroke it, stroke, stroke off, choke your chicken, wax the dolphin, choke the bishop, wax the rod, change gears, walk the dog, onanism, spank the monkey, pocket pool (through the clothing), play the upright organ, bleed the serpent, pull the peter, plug the melon, polish the purple helmet, tickling the turkey, polish the wand, chisel the carrot,

There are more guides for women on "How to Masturbation" and more articles on "Why men masturbate". It has become more obvious that women masturbate too with all the information now available for women on the subject. Apparently we need help doing it, it became natural for a male to start in their teens. In my opinion men start because it is right there, in front of them. You see it, it is not hidden, might as well play with it. For a female, there are parts hidden and it takes some investigation and trial n error to find out what works.


  1. hahaha, fun post!
    have a sweet day, xoxo

  2. Learn something new every day. notice there are a lot more words for men... need to add wank to the list,. :)

  3. not touchin this one....hehehe

  4. Isn't there one about "the little man in the boat" ?

    When are you going to do words for cunnilingus and fellatio?

  5. There are no humans who don't masturbate, let's be honest.


  6. I never knew that song was about masturbation. I knew Turning Japanese was and Billy Idol's Dancing with Myself but I had no idea about Cyndi. Go figure.

  7. Haaa! Don't forget "shake hands with beef" for the guys!

  8. If I'm not mistaken Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was banned in several countries because of its x-rated movements.

  9. I like 'beat the beaver' best. But that's probably biased because I'm writing a book about beaver (the animal, yo).



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