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Thursday, January 7, 2010

There is something to say about burning bras

There they are, just stuffed in the top drawer. All mushed up. I tried to sort and organize them, fold them right and take care of them. It always seems it's the last thing of importance. Taking the time to wash correctly, fold correctly and take great care in the care of my BRAS!!!

OMG! A massive pile of torn, worn, crumpled, bumpy deformed cups, twisted straps and bent hooks. I suppose, I had it in my head that these were the garments that help my boobs look good, feel good throughout the day....this is my support system...honestly...they are now huddled in an army of antiboobation.
Now I am forced...literally forced to start a new attitude towards the care of my bras.

Now in the spirit of my new chore...I mean devotion to having my bras last longer and look like...well a bra... instead of looking like I strapped a bad of grapes to my chest; I went on a search for bra care, but wait...there is more...and how to make one fit so your boobies look marvelous

Hee hee...more "Sex'n'Fries learnin'

1.Bras should be washed in mild soap that does not bleach or degrade lace and elastic.No beating them against a rock, pulling and tugging at them when they are tangled around a sweater. Use a citric acid based soap derived from fruit. It naturally whitens and brightens without bleaching.

2. Launder bras on the delicate cycle and enclosed in a netted bag. Be sure to fasten the clasp before you put them in a netted bag to prevent pull and stretch of the bra back and twisting underwires during the rinse and spin cycle. ohhhh!

3. Hand washing is also recommended in cool water with mild soap which actually restores elastic and lace.A cool water rinse can also refreshen a bra by shocking the elastic's stretch memory to return after wear. (this might be pushing it for me)

4. Make sure the cup is the right size, the cup should not runneth over or you shold not be able to put the hamster in there with you.

5. The center panel should be right against your breast bone between those boobies of yours, you don't need a gun holdster in that area...maybe to stash some extra cash but it means the thing don't fit and you could be on the verge of uniboob.

6.It should be lower in the back slightly, don't let those girls strangle your shoulder blades. Let the back of the bra help support and lift the things in the front.

7. The straps should stay put and don't dig into your shoulders.
Consider a different bra style with straps closer together if straps keep falling. A smaller band size should reduce the strap's strain on your shoulders. Nothing worse than getting undressed and you have dents on top of your shoulders.

8. An underwire should encircle your breast. It shouldn't poke, protrude or pinch. You could be arrested for stabbing someone just by hugging them.

9. Get a good breast uplift. Uplifted breasts look more youthful and give a slimming appearance. The boobies should be facing front and not sagging under your arms or worse you hitting them when swinging your arms while walking.

10. A finger can be run under the front band. Your bra should be snug, but not too tight. If it's tight, you need a larger band size or a looser hook placement. Hiking those boobs up does not mean squeezing them so you look like you have four or more of them...ladies...we are not cows!


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for following me---I'm here to return the favor.

    I confess I get lazy about my bras. I do wash them in a mesh bag and air dry them, though. I rarely hand wash them, so I suck.

    Fun blog you have! Can't wait to see more!

  2. ...I must admit..I just throw them in the washer and hang them up but why not... what better way to have an excuse to get new ones...I mean theres always some new invention comming out that will do more, enhance more, lift more or show more....

  3. Standing up straight, correct posture makes our breasts look better too, and so does sticking our chest out, not to leave out showing off a little cleaveage :)

  4. I'll skip commenting on this one. I'll wait until you get around to thongs. I do have a couple of them. Don't ask why.


  5. "There is something to say about burning bras"

    As long as you're not wearing them at the time! ;)

  6. All GOOD points. Finding the right bra has been a life long search...now I just need one that fits those criteria!
    Holly @ 504 Main

  7. I picked a great day to stop by didn't I? I've been trying to think of any reason, any reason at all I would need to know this stuff about bras. I'm still thinking and it hurts.

  8. i've been told that 90% of the weight should be held by the band. the shoulder straps are just there for the extra 10! i've been fitted at a specialty shop and wow i had been waaay off. well worth the trip.

  9. I have never, EVER been a bra fan. I really think the undergarment industry is nothing more than a huge rip-off.
    Away with Underwear, away
    Away with bras,et., I say

    SO glad I dropped by...aren't YOU? --grin!

  10. those look so good I would stare all day....


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