We know how much they been doing it

Last weeks poll asked our visitors "How often do you have sex?" A simple question yet some just didn't want to say. Is there a benchmark that is referenced, that we do not want to admit that we do not meet?

 Our Results
More than once a day 0%
Once a day 3%
More than once a week 30%
Once a week 4%
More than once a month 18%
Once a month 7%
Whenever she bends over 11%
Not often 11%
More with myself than others 11%
Random 11%

Our visitors at least keep it monthly. We took a look at other similar polls around and our visitors fit right into the norm. It is really nice to hear people are still having sex regularly or at least lying about it.

This week's poll has to do with how you feel about yourself, and how you would share that with others. The word of your choice could be across your chest or your butt, but it would the word that best describes how you feel about yourself in general. Trying to keep it positive...



  1. When I want it, when I need it, I can't wait...
    Butt, there is no pattern to it.


  2. We have more then twice a week or sometimes more weneva we get it ;-)
    really depends on the mood and sometimes schedule should match.
    Sometimes also prefer using Sex Toys i have :D

    I like your poll Questions in sidebar :D


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