What kind of job do you prefer?

Road Worker: "Let me fill your hole"
Carpenter: "I will nail it"
Dentist: "Open wide"
Host: "Come this way"
Bag Boy: "I will bag that for you"
Cook: "I can grease that"
Policeman: "I have a big stick so behave"
Teacher: "Do it this way"
Nutritionist: "Eat this:
Fireman: "Want to see my hose?"
Therapist: "Lay on the sofa"
Banker: "Make a deposit"
Doctor: "Take off your clothes"
Nurse: "This won't hurt a bit"
Tailor: "I won't prick you"
Server: "Let me do that for you"
Snow remover: "I will blow that"
Vet: "Pat the pussy"
Mailman: "I put it in your slot"


  1. Hmmm... Doctor/Nutritionist sounds nice? ;)

  2. Doctor, Mailman, Fireman, Carpenter all sound like interesting jobs.

    What about the paper shredder guy?
    > I'll tear it up!


  3. I am already a nutritionist...and a vet. And I do L O V E my work so much. Never a day off for me, unless it is for a house call

    This blog is hilarious...I love it! thanks.

  4. LMAO@Dave!!! I'll tear it up!
    That's a really big banana!

  5. Hilarious - though I have to ask why no lawyer? Oh wait, because the entire profession implies you're getting fucked. Bend over.

  6. I worked on a construction crew for 5 years. The things that are said around the job site were all said with innuendo. I could write a post about all those man-sayings thrown at me. In fact, I think I will...thanks for the inspiration.

  7. LMAO

    This blog gets me everytime!

  8. Definitely Policeman..big stick and an attitude..!

  9. Lawyer "I will screw you"
    Insurance agency "It's our policy to screw you"

  10. Good stuff. Lemme try a few...

    Architect: "Check out this erection."
    Cable Guy: "Let me mount that box!"
    Butcher: "I got a big piece of meat for you."
    Baker: "I'm filling this pie."
    Farmer: I'll plow that!"
    and lastly,
    Musician: "I'm pretty good on the piano, but I suck on the organ!"


  11. Since I am a craps dealer, how about this one: "I give good stick".


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