What you got under there?

Last weeks poll  results have revealed that our visitors like to wear comfortable, cotton, briefs. A bit on the safe side of things, it is always important to be cozy and comfy while surfing the net for "Sex'n'Fries"

Boxers 16%
Briefs 27%
Thongs 16%
Grandma like 10%
Lace 18%
Edible 155
Sexy 18%
Comfortable 45%
None 16%
Wedgy proof 16%
Not white 21%
Cotton 32%
Unmentionable 2%
The thong is our latest version of the loincloth. Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, created the first topless swimsuit in the 1960's, called the monokini, this introduced the modern thong in 1974. Thongs became popular as a swimsuit style in South America, particularly in Brazil. In the 1990s, the thong began to gain wider acceptance and popularity in the United States.
I have tried this butt floss, tried to pull off this look and all I got was a days worth of wedginess that drove me insane.

Edible underwear...the idea came from the phrase "Eat my shorts" It became popular quick and was sold in sexual novelty shops. It has come in different flavors and sizes.

This weeks poll is for our curious little minds, wondering how many times our visitors have sex. Please answer any choices that describe the frequency of your participation of sexual activity (do we sound scientific at all?) Just let us know how much you are doing it! We are nosey doing research and it is very important to know these things about the perverts people that have the pleasure to get some "sex'n'fries"


  1. Love the way you Peeps write the products of your wild imaginations. This is my morning fact-gathering combined with laugh-a-day!


    I cannot believe this: My word verification WORD was/is UNDIES

  2. I won't wear thongs, they are so uncomfortable and they make us look stupid! You can be sexy in a lot of other ways...


  3. My cheap panties ...black lace boy short type are so sexy and they only give you a slight wedgy.

    Steve...that is so funny!

  4. I can't do thongs. I live in boy shorts.

  5. Is no one taking the bait on your frequency-of-sex survey? I'm going to join the bashful commenters. Is there no way to post anonymously?

    We have sex far too little, I'm afraid. It's the same old routine. He's getting old (wants less sex) and I'm getting older (want more sex). Who invented this flawed system?

  6. None of the above, especially since prostate surgery.

    I have a thong but only wear it when I have to go over her knee.


  7. when using the poll, it does not tell who said what, people could lie if they wish... but don't. (people will tell me what kind of underwear they wear but not what they are doing when its off)
    I agree with the cosmic joke, men have high sex drives in their early twentys and women are later mid thirties...wtf

  8. I answered the poll and the answer is sad. Worst of all, I'm in a relationship! But when we do do it, it's great, so I guess that makes up a bit for it, right? My ex and I used to have more sex, but he didn't have much imagination and didn't last as long as my current love.

  9. thongs are only uncomfortable if you're wearing the wrong size... an unfortunate side effect from my bitchy sorority girl days is that i cannot tolerate panty lines - on myself or anyone else.

    the fact that i'm NOT talking about the amount of sex i'm having probably speaks volumes...


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