The wrinkles are coming, get out your weapons.

The quest for youth has made millions for the companies willing to spend time and research to help us with our vanity. Someone is raking in the dough because we can't stand looking like dough.

Anti wrinkle cream can cost $10 or $200 (I guess depends how desperate you are)
When you start to develop wrinkles they have cute little names, "smile lines" "Crow's feet" (not so cute)
It is inevitable that wrinkles will occur as a result to the aging process so get over it. What you can do is be in control how you deal with it and stay healthy.
Sun exposure is the most important factor, not only does it dry out the skin but also leads to the generation of free radicals that can damage skin cells. The sun is your worst enemy. Of course most people won't listen, and then one day look and see what other's see "Oh crap, they were right" Live and learn I suppose.

Other things that affect your skin, stress, diet and nutrition, muscle tone, habitual facial expressions, proper skin care, exposure to environmental pollutants and lifestyle habits such as smoking. Heredity probably plays a role.
We are all doomed to age, if that is how you chose to look at it. 

Usually we start to pay attention to skin care when the first signs appear. Around the eyes or mouth. the unrecognizable face that peers back at you "What have you done with my youth?"
I suppose you could tell a teenager to start taking care of their skin, that the pimple cream is harsh and is not going to help in years to come, but you are a parent and know nothing. Their time will come just like yours has.
You can spend your big bucks on skin products, but here are some things that can help long term.
Witch hazel is great for the skin. (no not your aunt Hazel)
Eat a well balanced diet...just think fruit, veggies, whole grains and legumes
Drink at least 2 quarts of water daily, this helps flush toxins and keep skin hydrated
Do not smoke, and if you do, don't you dare complain of wrinkles because every cig you have is a guarantee.
Do not drink alcohol or caffeine.
Protect yourself from the sun
Exercise regularly
Ok so now we are healthy people that don't get sun, don't drink or smoke...and eat veggies...but we look great!


  1. I stay out of the sun, I quit drinking and smoking. And I still look old.
    Must be those effing veggies that I didn't eat.

    What part does sex play in aging and getting wrinkles? Nah, never mind, I ain't gettin any anyway.

  2. They say that semen is good for the skin. It's plentiful and free,also lol!

  3. I quit smoking, and those little lines on my upper lip went away. But, I started school and got stressed and now my forehead has lines...oh yeah! And because of all the reading? I have "crow's feet" and lines below my chin from having my head down in a book. God, nothing is good for the skin!! Thank God for my Pond's!

  4. I'm gonna wait for the At Home Botox Application.

    I hate needles, but it would be worth it to get rid of this one frown line that keeps getting deeper.

    Maybe I should try smiling more?


  5. I say botox, botox, botox! :) when it's too late to inject poison then go for the sweet names like smile lines :) It beats frown lines!

  6. i just put my helmet on.... hehe

  7. I'm going to start wearing a burka.

  8. We have to FEEL good too, give us some pleasures...

  9. First time here. I just love your blog and I 'm glad I 've found you.
    Wrinkles just terrify me!
    Have a great Sunday!
    PS. I'm your newest follower:)
    hope you'll visit me too.

  10. The money people spend on things to make them look younger would better be spent on a shrink to help them accept that fact that they're going to grow old.

    Thus sayeth the Raisin....

  11. this is very true!!! We should protect our skin! Everything is for human but in normal dozes, maybe I wouldn't agree only with cigarettes. I hate to stink!!! I think everything must go naturally and with your life philosophy!

    p.s. I did a Tell us about you and I saw that only 80% of ppl love sex!!!! if the answer would be NO you should have an additional question! Are you retared????

    p.s.s. 1 great blog!

  12. I found that booze has a wonderful pickling effect and keeps one looking young.

  13. great blog! thanks for stopping by mine & for following me! I am a follower now, too! :)
    have a sweet day, xoxo


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