Your New Year's Resolution--poof!

We always start with such great intentions, and we plan, plot and even convince ourselves that we have a New Year's Resolution. It is the New Year so as of that magical hour we will change our lives and make things better..poof!

What our visitors said
Quit smoking 4% -hope you have a back up plan!
Lose weight 28% - It this start the day after or we still putting off that diet?
Get out of debt 14% - Get your pencil and papers out this is going to take some thinkin'
Quit drinking 4% - was this made while drunk?
Enjoy life more 4% - Everybody can enjoy life more every day, why waste the resolution on it.
Visit Sex n Fries more 14% - well we will try not to be insulted that we only got 14 sheesh
Other 9% - I guess these were best unsaid...
None 19%<------smart data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-choice.="" data-blogger-escaped-people="" data-blogger-escaped-wise="">
Any one know why we wait until that magical drunken hour to proclaim positive changes in our lives? Somebody made it up and now is laughing or doing some experiment on human behavior.

Hope you enjoy this weeks poll...all information gathered is for research that 'sex'n'fries' is doing to become smarter people, so it is very important..yeah whatever just vote, sit back and have a donut, a smoke and a drink in your underwear....


  1. I had to have been one of the 14%, cuz I luv u 2.
    I don't want to miss a thing you come up with.


  2. Donuts frighten me! I think it has to do with the size of the one I'm sitting on.



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