A crazy kitchen gadget

I love gadgets, I walk through gadget stores all the time. Not a clue on what they are for half the time, or why most were even invented.

A melon baller for example, I have never desired to ball a melon. I am not one for design. I am a good cook but presentation is always lacking with the dishes I serve.

As much as I love gadgets, some shouldn't be in my drawer. You know that drawer? The one with all the gadgets that you might have used twice if it was lucky. A collection of kitchen gadgets, the 'must-haves' that find themselves drawered.

Whenever I have a brilliant idea of needed another gadget, I open the drawer. It is like Christmas, you find things that you forgot you owned. Things you have no clue why you own or what they are for. You get your fill of needing more gadgets just by rediscovery the ones you already own.

Why do we own three cork screws?

And there is a egg separater and a garlic press...bonus, I should really use those. Mental note next time use egg thingy instead of shells.

One thing I have passed on in the amazing gadget stores are things to cut things with.

Position this ingenious disc-shaped slicer on any apple and rotate to
release perfect slices for snacking or cooking. Don't need a whole apple at
once? Just leave the disc pressed against the fruit, and it will not dry out or
turn brown. Made of stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.
For 36 dollars this can be yours

Slice and serve pizza easily with this new invention. It combines kitchen shears with a wedge-shaped spatula so you can slice and serve with one hand without ever losing toppings.Unlike wheels and knives, it won't damage cooking pans and will cut a perfect, even slice, every time. There's only one utensil to clean, and
it's dishwashers safe

For 36 dollars it is yours

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