French fries are bad for you

On the home page of Yahoo! There is a headline that reads "America's Worst French Fries" The article by "Eat this, Not that" goes on to tell us that instead of french fries smothered in gravy, cheese and other food products, you should eat plain french fries. cut back on fat, sodium and calories, eat just french fries not the fries that come with all the fixings.

Is this seriously news to anyone? Is it just me? I love french fries and I indulge in my little vice, maybe too often to be considered healthy, but not enough to be alarming. I also know that if I was to order the super deluxe fries that come with half the kitchen spread on them, that there will be loads more of fat, sodium and calories. French fries already have their share of fat, sodium and calories all by themselves. So if that is your base of knowledge, it only goes to reason that if you add a massive amounts of chili, cheese, gravy, sour cream to those already fattening food, that the fat, sodium and calories have increased dramatically.

Do we not already know this?


  1. It would seem that not everyone knows this... or perhaps people have short memories and need to be reminded? ;-)


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