Have you ever posted a personal ad? Is this you?

These are parts of personal ads found online...hope you are not looking...yikes

I'm a 23/F Blond hair, black eyes, 5'5", 113lbs (who has black eyes?)
Just looking for some cute cowboys to chat up, be friends, never know where the night might end!

I am around 60... more or less ;-) My ideal client is between 46-75. Quiet residential location between 9 am and 8 pm. I am 5'4" and I weigh 140 lbs. 38DDD (yes client. nursing homes are quiet residential locations, and how low do those boobs hang?)

|white male seeking realy lady. I am family oriented, educated, fun to be around. I have Blondish hair blue eyes 5ft10 clean cut. I am also charming and funny. I am seeking a lady who is down to earth, educated, funny who is seeking to see where it all led's. I am really looking for a lady who is sharp as a tack, great sense of humor who understands and has romantic ideals. I can cook enjoy all actives love to do all kinds of thing travel, sports, movies, the theater, and romantic dinners. So if you are seeking romantic evenings, where someone cooks for you takes you to a movie holds your hand then a slow dance by candle light or moon light which ever maybe warmer maybe we are seeking the same thing? Or Maybe you are seeking a great cup of coffee where you can chat over intelligent subjects with someone that loves to talk. Would love to meet a smart, cute woman to hangout with and have fun see if it turns into something real.
(does this sound intelligent to you at all)

I'm 6'2" 214lbs so a couple extra pounds but not big.  I have a great sense of humor and am very intellegent. I am attending college for my second degree in computer information systems. I love computers and all electronics including cars. I like to program, play video games, watch movies, analyze and dicuss anything in detail, and just hold my significant other. I like to spend a lot of time together. (are cars considered electronics? how fun does watching him play video games sound? Most things this guy does is "alone time" activities)

First off if you are gonna reply put only the words "Daddy's Girl" in the subject line, that will allow me to weed out bots.
I am involved in the alternative lifestyle and I am as freaky as they come. I am looking for a woman who likes to be controlled and put in her place. I enjoy spanking and bondage. I do not expect this off the bat but I have trained many women to be good girls.....(pass)

These are just parts of random ads found online. Sorry to say some brain cells were injured during this post.
Bring back the single bars!


  1. Never posted any, but it sure is fun to read them!


  2. As appalling or appealing hmm as they all sound I'm gunna have to pass on these :D

  3. I've never done any or answered any, but sometimes when I am really bored, I'll go to craigslist and look at the personals just to make myself laugh. Some of the guys post naked pics of themselves too. It's hilarious.

  4. I want a cowboy!!! Wouldn't put a personal 'screw me, because I'm desperate' ad out! but I want one!!!

  5. I have never posted one either. They are fun to read and read between the lines.

  6. Those are GREAT! LMAO @ Daddy's Girl. Tiny hint there.

  7. Married woman, 64, seeks charming intelligent and sexy 20 year old man for fun and games! I'm fat, messy, and stupid. I'd love to hear from you if you are interested.


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