I want real information; not hamster marriage information

How to please a woman orally? Stop talking!

How can go to work at my job with flexible hours and not make my wife sad and lonely? What does your best friend look like?
How to save a 10yrs marriage? Get a divorce, why screw up any more years

which move makes a wife very shy on a honeymoon night.? Asking stupid questions

how often do you tell your husband that he is hot? sexy? handsome? Whenever he tells me he is hot, sexy and handsome I nod my head (and roll my eyes)

Why does she make everything about her? Because it is

how to tell if ur hubbys not attracted anymore? Just come out and ask the other women in his bed

i feel like a piece of dirt when my husband watches porn what should i do? Are you dirt? Why dirt? Tell him to move over and turn it up.

how legal is facebook marriage? about as legal as marrying a hamster

I'am a teacher. A student 10years younger me loves me.? Well there could be a whole lot of wrong...especially if you are 20

Why can't I get hard or stay hard during intercourse with my Wife?!? Do you have any problems with your girlfriend?

Got married when I was 19 and she was 17, now having problems!?!? duh!!

Should I make a move on my cousin...? Do it....so we can all laugh!

Guys can never be blamed for cheating, here's why...?

This question arises from one I asked earlier. Is it cheating if a guy has sex with another woman? I don't think so as we are physical creatures, it's only sex, nothing more! We can have sex with a woman and never care if we see her ever again. Women on the other hand are emotional creatures, which means there's usually an emotional tie to get to the point of sex which i would consider to be cheating. So in conclusion, a guy having sex with another women is not cheating but a women having sex with another man is. Guys, am i wrong here?

I am not touching this one...

These questions provided by Yahoo Answers! People going online and asking questions or answering others questions. These drive me crazy...I do a search on something and I will get results that include this crap. I want real answers, real information!

Keywords drive me insane. We use the internet so much these days "Hang on I will Google it" "Well let's find out on Yahoo"

Type in a search word...look at how many results you receive, usually we will use something on the first page, usually I get so frustrated because it is crap. Just because you found it online under your search word does not make it accurate or even useful. Getting on the first page under certain search words is a competition and we lose because the ones that have crap are in front of us.
Going to the library is cool!!

(Left the questions just as they were posted but answered them myself)

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  1. I can't agree with you on the cheating thing. There is no such thing as "just sex with another person" only when we are alone, and that's NOT cheating.


  2. bahahah This post is too funny. If you want real answers ask the peeps who have been married for 50+ years and she's still serving cottage cheese and peaches every evening to the Old Fart wearing a wife beater and lounging in his lazy boy....She's got a plethora of info!

    I don't even remember how I found you but I'm sure it's considered stalking :)

  3. I guess all those people have have one serious problem in common - they know f*ck all about sex and need to ask stupid questions.

    The cheating question... is anyone really that stupid and self centered and stupid?

    However, I don't quite agree with Secretia (above) - I think that sex for both men and women (equally) IS sometimes solely about the physical and, for some, it's about that most of the time - we're all different.

  4. I hate Yahoo Answers. But every once in a while you find something worth reading - like the one where the pregnant teenager asked if her baby girl fetus could get pregnant if she has sex. The answer was priceless, about fetuses of fetuses getting pregnant. My sister is a health teacher and calls me at least twice a day during her sex ed lessons to relay questions students ask her. It's disturbing.

  5. Thank you for makeing my day......your blog makes me smile everyday.

  6. Is marrying a hamster illegal in California???

  7. I think you can do anything in California...right?

  8. I think you guys are right about Cali. I have a friend who is married to a Duck and they seem supremely happy. I'm just saying....


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