It is only dirty if you let it be? Can you clean it up?

Some questions should not stand alone. When it is the only thing you know about a situation your mind can wander. Read through the lines and the challenge is at the end.

How tight is that?

Could you make that tighter for me?

Is that slippery?

How wet is that?

Can I fill that up for you?

Mind if I eat this?

Can you help me spread them apart?

Could you come here and screw this for me?

Are your balls hot enough?

Is that in far enough?

Can you taste this?

Am I in deep enough?

Did I squirt that on you?

Want me to squirt some on this?

May I push your stool in?

Did that just splatter in your face?

Do you want some?

Wanna bite?

How much meat would like?

Do you have to suck hard?

Is your mouth hot?

How is your plumbing?

Can I use your tool?

Could you come here and squeeze this?

Could I have extra sauce?

Could I get some cream?

Could you stop putting your finger in there?

The Challenge is to pick a line or two and come up with a situation that question would be asked that is not dirty. Some are easier than others.

Sometimes when our minds go towards the gutter it is hard not to stay there. Would love to hear what you pick.

Have fun!



  1. Sorry, I can't follow directions, only erections.

    "Do you want some?" might apply to a challenge to fight someone.

  2. "could you stop putting your finger in there?" Can be heard everytime I bake anything. They all want to put their finger in the batter.

  3. The computer was down at work. Everyone was anxious to use it.
    Someone called over the PA, "Hey Danny, did you get it up yet?"

    "Oh, let's just talk about the first thing that comes up." Overheard at a nudist convention.

  4. "can you stop putting your finger in there?"
    I would use this when my nephew gives me a Wet Willie!

    "Did that just splatter in your face?"
    Any time I squeeze a lemon! LOL

    Great fun, I like this challenge. Thanks for using my line in your recent post, that was fun too!

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    Picture Imperfect Follower Giveaway

  5. "You gonna eat that nasty looking thing?"

  6. All I'm thinking is wet, slippery, hot and squirt! Damn you bitches!!!

    Okay, challenge:

    A wants his wife to help him put a cable through a hole in the floor,
    "Is that in far in enough?"

    Holding a key and a key ring, a chick hands the key ring to her friend and says,
    "Can you help me spread them apart?"

  7. We are trying to sell our truck. My husband just called to tell me that he is going to meet a woman who might be interested and my response was "Call me when you're done with her."

  8. 'Do you have to suck hard?' could be asked about a milkshake that is too thick to go through the straw.

  9. "Could you stop putting your finger in there?"
    Says the mom to her child playing with the electrical outlet ;)

    Snafugirl xoxo


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