The 'pin up' girl within you!

Painted lips in red, cherry, pinks or cinnamon, a woman’s pouted soft lips express desire. Wrapped in soft silks, lace, feather boas, pearls and heels. Hair swept up in alluring curls, or draped in wisps on bare shoulders. Cheeks rosé and glowing, lashes embellished viewed in attractive waves. A woman seen by admiring eyes, the look she seeks looking at her, as sexy and beautiful. When a woman feels sexy, feels beautiful, this is a pin up!

Women through time have posed for pictures. The still portrait of their beauty captured for the world to view. As all women have the pin up girl within themselves, most do not share with the world. Feeling that way, the way that gives them the confidence to show off to the public their own beauty that they possess and could offer. That feeling is usually tainted and most times never nurtured. To express and appreciate what you own as a woman comes from within. As we compare ourselves to other people, guidelines and judgments we no longer possess that confidence and realization that we are sexy, hell we are women!!

As our society and media guide our lives, we also judge others and expect them to judge us. The many magazines we have read on how to apply makeup, how to eat, how to exercise; if these very magazines just told you how to be you, what would they say? We live through the lives and advice of others passing along the news. Keeping it real and controversial our lives forget how to take care of us as individuals without prejudice.

Becoming your own pin up girl: understand you, take away the outside world and realize what you offer. You are a sexy, beautiful and a great person. You are the pin up girl that gives inspiration to yourself so you may share it with the rest of us.

Claim your radiance, concentrate on your attributes, silence your critical voices and whisper this: My body is strong, vibrant and healthy; I am a masterpiece in progress. Love flows through every cell; I love and honor my body unconditionally.

With the tips of all the articles, all the advice, they are reference to changing looks, but you are already beautiful and a pin up girl, how you share it with the world is your choice and your power.


  1. Unless it's someone like Roseanne Barr or Joy Behar, I enjoy looking at the pinup girls. Thany you for all that you do for us men.

  2. I think guys may need to realize they have a pinup girl right there in the kitchen stirring the pasta. Look for the beauty and recognize the awe of it. Pinup girls come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. Just look!

  3. I let him look up my skirt when he's been good!

  4. I often wonder what I would wear for such a photo shoot. Maybe I would just cover all my unmentionables with fruit and veggies... or sushi like those crazy sushi bars sometimes do.


  5. Wouldn't it be nice if those mags were filled with advice on how to be you? Of course there would be no need for make up, expensive clothing and diets which would make the advertising revenue dry up very quickly. Some of the most beautiful women I have ever met would be considered by most magazine standards to be in great need of fixing, good thing they never bought into that belief.


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